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It is time that, in our society, having an Adviser is considered a normal part of life. AdviserEdge 2013 released a wave of innovation in the Advice profession and the flow on effect continues building pace as the ideas shared take hold, grow and bear fruit. But 2013 was just the beginning, as we work to set the Profession of Advice free.

We know that investing your time to come to professional events can be a shot in the dark in terms of the value you gain. We understand what it’s like being a truly professional Adviser and attending events; generally you are frustrated by the negative discussions, repetitive ideas and lack of structured high value intellectual property. You feel dismayed by the fact that most PD events cater to the lowest common denominators and instead of pushing you, they can drag you backwards. Whilst you might enjoy the chance to have a famous speaker inspire you, you also know that they are unlikely to change the way you do things when you hit the office on Monday.

This event draws the best, the brightest and the most forward thinking Advice professionals in the country, and beyond the extreme high value nature of the content, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in a community that is going to uplift you and help you to become a better professional.

AdviserEdge 2014 is going to focus on People Skills at Scale. Every decent professional understands that soft skills are even more important than technical skills, and often much harder to learn or teach. There is a challenge for Advice professionals – the older generation hold with them the art of people skills and yet this art is not being translated into the new paradigm of Social and is largely being lost.

AdviserEdge 2014 is going to show you that growing your business faster is not only possible, it is formulaic, replicable, scalable, and best of all teachable. This year we are going to show the AdviserEdge community how to plan and execute their competitive advantage, and to take their business and CRANK IT UP!

AdviserEdge is the sharp and pointy end of what The Social Adviser is doing to reshape the Advice Professions in Australia. It is a catalyst for different, for better, for true innovation and idea exchange. It is about creating the physical gathering of a growing virtual community of the current and new leaders among the Advice Professions for three days of the best and most valuable days of their professional year. AdviserEdge is the leading edge and it attracts those who are drawn to be and want to stay in the lead.

By far the biggest feedback that 2013 attendees gave was that they wished they had brought along the other Advisers in their business and even more importantly the operations people who would help them execute all of the new strategies acquired.


You understand that there is a better way to do everything and that just because something is being done by everyone in a certain way doesn’t mean that is the way it should be done. You truly believe in the value of professional Advice and you want to create even more value for even more people. You also understand the power of being surrounded by positivity, innovation and fellow professionals who are going to both push you and be pushed by you.

You are not looking for basics or shortcuts; instead you are ready to be immersed in the future of Advice and the future of Professionalism itself. You understand that being a leader takes an investment of time on the right things with the right people and that ultimately the best competitive advantage is the shortest path to implementation.

Hear what attendees at our 2013 Gold Coast summit had to say about this industry first event!


We invite you to join us and be involved in something empowering and exciting in a world of ho-hum blah blah what. Giving value to those we serve is a part of our very DNA and we open the door of opportunity to you to help us shape the future of Advice. In 2013, through AdviserEdge, we blew the minds of over 500 attendees, which included some of the most successful Advisers in the country. This year we are going to push the boundaries further, create greater impact and ultimately deliver even more value to you, our attendees.

The biggest change in consumer behaviour and information distribution in human history is taking place and there is no holding it back. We are going through a paradigm shift where the force of Social is rapidly transforming the world around us. Digital technologies and media strategies are increasingly a part of our daily interactions, conversations and basically our ability to connect to and relate to others. Social Media has truly permeated our everyday lives – it has become part of everything.

AdviserEdge 2013 was revolutionary and the response of attendees overwhelming, in 2014 we plan to take our own benchmark and shatter it!


You should want AND need to know how to move forward and into the digital future with confidence and a clear vision of what actually works for relationship based business. We also believe you need to know what works so you don’t waste your time, effort and money. This is your chance to become the next evolution in business.

There is nothing generic about the content provided here, every scrap of time will be of direct benefit and translatable as a return on investment to you, whether you are Advisers, BDMs, other Sales Professionals or executives of supporting businesses. Most importantly all of our content is delivered with an understanding of how to get you to take action.

One very lucky winners Social Strategy and Infrastructure built LIVE!

If you think you are up for this freaky cool undertaking then let us know. You need to apply for the chance to have your future transformed with our #LIVEBuild once you have registered for #AdviserEdge.

In 2013 AdviserEdge focused on how an Advice business should build its digital infrastructure to achieve massive leverage. Of course, whilst that stuff is sooo 2013, we wanted to create a way to recap that amazing content for both first timers and veterans that was going to be fresh, cool, and completely mind blowingly useful.

Our answer? Live Build!

We are going to select one lucky ticket holder who is game enough to have their Advice brand and their entire future transformed LIVE in front of our crowd of Advice innovators. With skill and precision we will execute this daring feat over the course of the three days.

As far as we know this is the first time anyone in the World has attempted to LIVE Build content as it is presented and ask the audience to contribute and participate! Are we crazy??? Yes, yes we are, and you are not going to want to miss just how crazy good this will be.

We will be presenting content AS it is created and you will have a chance to interact and shape what the content looks like. Our #LIVEBuild will include elements of crowd-sourcing, full production of a WHY video, branding, imagery, website design, copy and content creation, and will include a LinkedIn profile makeover and an ongoing ‘My Social Evolution’ plan. All of this and more will be delivered and displayed in real time from the main stage.

As an audience member you will not only learn the value of creating digital leverage but you will actually get to see how we do it. This is going to make transforming your own business SO MUCH EASIER, because seeing something happen is always the best way to learn how to do it yourself.



This is a special feature of AdviserEdge and is a super popular place to hang out over the course of the event! It is where the community can gather, eat, talk, take photos and film video, peruse the Twitter stream, recharge exhausted mobile devices or even have a professional profile photo taken.

There are three elements to our Social Hub…

The main zone is the Social Command Centre: this will be at the heart of the hub and is where our streaming Twitter Wall and other multimedia will be displayed. It will be manned by our expert team and volunteer Advisers from our elite Market Leaders program. Here we will troubleshoot Social Media issues, help with any tech issues, answer heaps of questions, and make sure that everyone is able to Tweet, Instagram and Facebook like crazy. It is also where the Demo sessions will be presented from.

The second zone is the Recharge Lounge: comfy chairs, intimate spaces and places to recharge electronic devices exhausted from all of the note taking, tweeting, photos and video recording.

The third zone is the Multimedia Zone: attendees can have their pictures taken (correctly!) for their Social Media profiles, have a professional WHY video filmed or enter the awesome competitions running throughout the event. It will be a hive of activity and an ideal place to spark conversations around doing business; our video ninjas and interviewers will be hitting this zone constantly.

This is an event that carries with it excitement, interaction, and most of all fun. There is a reason why during 2013 we were able to help catapult both the Association of Financial Advisers and The Financial Planning Association of Australia national conferences into the top ten trending hashtags on Twitter in Australia, and we will do even more at AdviserEdge 2014. One of the best ways to join in on this Social vibe is to encourage and reward the community interaction with competitions. Unlike other events, if you wish to run such a competition to increase the buzz around your event participation we will work with you to include it in the event format to ensure that your calls to action are engaging and actually work.

T&Cs & Sponsorship Opportunities

- Prices are Australian dollars and unless otherwise noted are exclusive of GST.
- We are not able to confirm your attendance until full payment has been received.
- The Social Adviser reserves the right to amend or cancel any session, or session times and dates. This includes changes to speakers, content and program.
- No refunds will be provided after your ticket is purchased.
- Should you be unable to attend, you may send a substitute in your place. The Social Adviser must be notified of all substitutions prior to the event. You can notify us by sending an email to
- Failure to attend will result in full forfeiture of the full event fee.


The Social Adviser offers the following ways to register for AdviserEdge 2014: online at; or use the link provided by The Social Adviser to access your custom event webpage. Please follow the payment instructions during the registration process. If you experience any difficulties when registering for AdviserEdge 2014 please contact or call us on +617 3882 2781

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are many benefits and various ways to partner with us and AdviserEdge. To learn more about sponsoring our event, please visit our “Partnering with AdviserEdge” or call us on +617 3882 2781

A limited number of table-top and booth exhibits will be open during the course of the event. Sponsors will have the opportunity to promote products and services of special interest to AdviserEdge attendees.

Access Requirements & Ticketing

- At event registration each attendee will be asked to provide their ticket in exchange for a colour coded identification lanyard.
- Lanyards will be checked by our event team at entry of each session and before gaining access to the catering sections and our premier networking Social Event.
- If you have selected a ticket package that includes catering please let us know of any dietary requirements we should be aware of so we can accommodate your needs.
- Also… If you are differently-abled please let us know so we can arrange to fulfil your requirements. Contact us:

Cancellation Policy

No refunds will be available after your ticket is purchased. Should you be unable to attend, you may send a substitute in your place. The Social Adviser must be notified of all substitutions prior to the event. You can notify us by sending an email to


If The Social Adviser/AdviserEdge decides to cancel any part of this event, The Social Adviser/AdviserEdge is not responsible for covering airfare, hotel or any other additional costs. Speakers, agenda, networking and recreational events are subject to change without notice. For more information regarding refunds, please contact us at

Privacy Policy

By registering for AdviserEdge 2014 delegates grant permission to The Social Adviser/AdviserEdge, its agents and others working under its authority to take and to have full and free use of video/photographs containing their image/likeness. It is understood that The Social Adviser/AdviserEdge may use these images for promotion, news, online/multimedia/research and/or educational purposes. Delegates agree that they are not entitled to remuneration, residuals, royalties or any other payment from The Social Adviser Edge/AdviserEdge in respect of their image/likeness or its use. Attendees will be required to sign a media release on or before entry.